Moroccan blue nila powder wholesale

会社: argan oil wholesale company
仕事のタイプ: Other
Salary: 70,000 MAD/Year
エリア・近接: Marrakech

The blue nila is one of the secrets of the Moroccan bath, as it is the habit of the bride before the wedding to go to the Moroccan bath, where the skin is lightened and fresh. The blue nila is very well known in the Maghreb for its skill in whitening and lightening the skin.
Easy to use: Add one tablespoon of blue nila powder to two tablespoons of natural yogurt, mix well and your mask is ready. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then use it.

Blue Nila benefits:

Blue Nila works to purify, lighten and whiten the skin and remove the effects of the sun from the first use

• Blue Nila eliminates black and white heads and excess sebum because it deeply cleanses the skin

Gives an attractive scent and velvety softness

Its benefits are light and noticeable to tighten sagging skin

Use on intimate areas of the body such as the buttocks, elbow and neck

Blue nila helps to eliminate the darkening of the joints and knees and unify the color of the body

Helps to get rid of dark spots on the body and face and pigmentation

Give your skin freshness, radiance and firmness, free of fine lines

Poids net weight. 40g / 1.4oz


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